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BIKEncerto: a concerto for solo bicycle and orchestra
(By Reynaliz Herrera)

Released: June 30, 2023

Format: Digital (On all major platforms & Bandcamp)


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Boston-based composer-percussionist Reynaliz Herrera with her ensemble Ideas, Not Theories, release their debut recording on June 30, 2023. Praised for her “toe-tapping vibe” by the Boston Globe, Reynaliz’s four-movement work BIKEncerto continues her exploration of the bicycle-as-instrument now with the companionship of a chamber orchestra.


Composer: Reynaliz Herrera

Artist/Performers: Reynaliz Herrera (bicycle percussion soloist)

Ideas, Not Theories (ensemble)



I. Everything [6:54]

II. Spokes [7:25]

III. Metallic [5:54]

IV. Tires, Part 1 [2:12]

V. Tires, Part 2 [6:38]


Full Album Credits BELOW

For Your GRAMMY® Consideration

Submitted for:

~Best Contemporary Classical Composition
~Best Classical Instrumental Solo


Press for the Album

"Herrera's exuberant music successfully incorporates musical styles like classical, atonal, minimalistic and pop/rock. Uplifting fun listening for all ages, regardless of personal musical preferences."


"Virtuosic solo bike melodic and percussive tapping and drum-like rolls ground the tempo, while showing off Herrera's musicianship..."

"Metallic Movement has faster atonal brilliantly performed orchestral lines and complementary atonal metallic bike lines and rolls..."

"IV. Tires Movement, part 2, features orchestral wide-pitch lines, exciting higher cymbal-like bike sounds to closing dance-along bike solo..."

                                                              — Tiina Kiik from The WholeNote Magazine (Toronto, CA)

"As a composer and soloist, Reynaliz Herrera focuses on the use of the bicycle as a musical instrument, and the number of interesting sounds she obtains is fascinating..."


"... reminiscent of the Gamelan-influenced music of Lou Harrison..."

"The tires themselves have a rudimental/tabla-like sound, similar to that of the solo drum in Bob Becker's "Mudra".

"I recommend you check this out!"

            — Joseph Van Hassel from "Percussive Notes"  (Percussive Arts Society's Journal)

Press for Ideas, Not Theories & Reynaliz Herrera

"Think “STOMP” with Bicycles. That’s the foot-tapping vibe you get from Boston bike-percussionist Reynaliz Herrera’s performances”


                                                                                                 — Lauren Daley from The Boston Globe


"A beautiful cacophony of expected sounds. Herrera puts on a wonderfully inventive concert that encourages children to utilize their imaginations and creativity to see music in the mundane. Herrera creates her gloriously inventive soundscapes."



                                                                                  — Emilyn Kowaleski from Theatre is Easy (NYC)

About the Album

BOSTON, MA (June 6th, 2023) – Boston-based and Mexican-born composer-percussionist Reynaliz Herrera, with her ensemble Ideas, Not Theories, release their debut album on June 30, 2023. Praised for her “toe-tapping vibe” by the Boston Globe, Reynaliz’s four-movement work BIKEncerto continues her exploration of the bicycle-as-instrument, now with the accompaniment of a chamber orchestra.


Reynaliz Herrera has created formal and theatrical compositions on the instrument of her choice – the bicycle – since completing her studies in 2012 at Boston Conservatory (Now Boston Conservatory at Berklee). Once an aspiring orchestral percussionist and classical soloist, Reynaliz stumbled upon the bike as an instrument by necessity – busking is less daunting when your mode of transportation becomes your instrument.


Abandoning Bach for the bike, she’s taken her experimental music-theater company, Ideas, Not Theories, to festivals across the US, Mexico, Canada, and even Barbados. With praise from sources as varied as the Percussive Arts Society and the Boston Cyclists Union, this attention-grabbing music has received acclaim at the Flea Theater NY, Boston and Brooklyn Children’s Museums, National Arts Center of Canada, International Festival of Arts & Ideas (New Haven, CT), and Institute of Contemporary Art Boston, among countless others.

Over a decade removed from the conservatory, BIKEncerto: a concerto for solo bicycle and orchestra, represents a reconciliation of Reynaliz’s found voice in the bicycle with her classical background. In BIKEncerto, she uses each movement to highlight a specific characteristic of her instrument, whether its designing a “tire keyboard” in Tires Movement by adjusting each tire’s PSI, conjuring melodic fragments from the tuned rods in Spokes Movement, or playfully exploring diverse parts of the bike in Metallic Movement. With a catalog of countless bike sounds, Reynaliz brings an innovative DIY, yet thorough, approach to percussion music, tracing her found objects roots from performing with her mother’s contemporary dance company as a teenager to now create music that is at once groove-based, humorous and playful, and possibly wry socio-economic critique.

my musical work focuses extensively on the use of the bicycle as a musical instrument. My creative process and goal in general, has been to explore the musical bike’s different capabilities. Even though I have been composing for bicycles and
performing my bicycle music for the last 10+ years, with “BIKEncerto: a concerto for solo bicycle and orchestra” I challenged myself to explore the bicycle as a musical instrument in a more mature, nuanced and in-depth way, I want to treat these types of instruments (unconventional percussion and bicycles) as seriously as you would treat a violin, and show that they are capable of making interesting, complex, colorful and sophisticated music.

“BIKEncerto: a concerto for solo bicycle and orchestra” is comprised of four different musical movements, heard in the five tracks of the album:

I. “Everything Movement”
Explores and features all the different sounds of the bicycle. Influenced by Octatonic scales, and
free jazz.

II. “Spokes Movement”
Explores and features the sounds of the “Melodic Spokes” using Reynaliz Herrera’s “Spokes
Keyboard”. You will hear melodies with the spokes, accompanied by a colorful
and playful blend of the strings and woodwinds. Inspired on Balinese Gamelan

III. “Metallic Movement”
Explores and features in detail all the metallic sounds of the bicycle (Frame tubes, chain-wheel,
spoke protector disc, wheel rim, etc). Atonal music, featuring latin rhythms, polyrhythms and a
mechanical feel.

IV. “Tires Movement” 
Explores and features the sounds of the “Tires”, using Reynaliz Herrera’s “Tires Keyboard”.
Inspired in Brazilian Samba music, everything is blended together simulating a “Carnival”.


 ~ Reynaliz Herrera

Program Notes & Composer Notes (By Reynaliz Herrera)

About Ideas, Not Theories

Ideas, Not Theories is a theatrical percussion company for unconventional percussion instruments. Directed by composer-performer Reynaliz Herrera (b. 1984 Monterrey, Mexico), the group focuses on performing Reynaliz Herrera’s original music for bicycles and other unconventional instruments, connecting to diverse audiences at festivals, concert halls and theaters, outdoor venues, and museums. Ideas, Not Theories had its premiere at the Festival de Musica Nueva 2012 in Monterrey, Mexico, and has performed regularly throughout the U.S, Mexico and Canada, and recently Barbados.


Founded by composer-percussionist Reynaliz Herrera, productions and programs include a fully-staged theatrical percussion shows, a bicycle rock band program, bicycle orchestra, and interactive educational shows. Described as “‘STOMP’ with Bicycles” (Boston Globe), festival appearances include Bridgetown International Arts Festival (Barbados, 2023), Percussive Arts Society International Convention (2022), Currents New Media Festival (Santa Fe, NM, 2021), International Festival of Arts & Ideas (New Haven, CT, 2019), MIT Water Night (2018-2019), The New York University Day of Percussion (2016), Cambridge Arts River Festival (2019), ArtBeat Festival (Somerville, 2017), ILLUMINUS (Boston, 2017), World Maker Faire NY (2017), Outside The Box Festival (2016), and The New York International Fringe Festival (2015).


Comfortable in a myriad of venues, Ideas, Not Theories has performed at the National Cultural Foundation (Barbados), Harvard Museums, National Arts Center of Canada, Please Touch Museum (Philadelphia, PA), Friends of Congress Square Park (Portland, ME), Peabody Essex Museum, Institute of Contemporary Arts Boston, and The Flea Theater NY. 


Reynaliz Herrera & Ideas, Not Theories have received funding from The Foundation of Contemporary Arts, The Boston Foundation, and Somerville Arts Council. Their debut album, BIKEncerto: a concerto for solo bicycle and orchestra, featuring Reynaliz Herrera as composer and bicycle percussion soloist, comes out in June 2023. Learn more at

About Reynaliz Herrera

Reynaliz Herrera_Headshot_2022.jpg

Boston-based and originally from Mexico, award-winning Reynaliz Herrera is a performing musician, percussionist, composer, producer and educator.


Reynaliz has performed internationally in Mexico, US, Canada, Caribbean Islands, and throughout Europe. She has performed with the National Arts Center Orchestra of Canada (soloist), Double Edge Theater, Ottawa Symphony Orchestra, Orchestre de la Francophonie Canadienne, Danza Contemporanea en Concierto, Iva Bittova, and in venues like SXSW, Revolutions International Theater Festival (NM), MIT’s Kresge Auditorium, Teatro Amadeo Roldan (Cuba), and countless others. Her compositions have been performed internationally by her own “Ideas, Not Theories” company, several universities, Public Poetry Houston, FORT percussion ensemble, JU Percussion Group, and Danza Contemporanea en Concierto.


In 2012 Reynaliz Herrera founded Ideas, Not Theories and acts as director, composer, scriptwriter, lead performer and producer of this theatrical percussion company for unconventional instruments. The programs feature her original music and compositions for bicycles and other atypical percussion instruments, and the company has travelled throughout the U.S, Canada, Mexico and Barbados. Highlight performances include Percussive Arts Society International Convention 2022, Bridgetown International Arts Festival (Barbados), International Festival of Arts & Ideas (CT), Institute of Contemporary Art Boston, Currents New Media Festival (NM), Harvard Museums of Science and Culture, NYU/KoSA/HLAG Day of Percussion NY, Flea Theater (NY), NY International Fringe Festival, ILLUMINUS, Peabody Essex Museum, World Maker Faire NY, National Arts Center of Canada, and Children’s Museums in Boston, Brooklyn and Philadelphia. Funded by The Boston Foundation and Somerville Arts Council, she premiered her composition “BIKEncerto: a concerto for solo bicycle and orchestra” featuring herself as soloist and “Ideas, Not Theories” (specifically, her own “Ideas, Not Theories Orchestra”). Her Album entitled BIKEncerto: a concerto for solo bicycle and orchestra (By Reynaliz Herrera) will be released on June 30, 2023.


Now teaching at ZUMIX, Reynaliz studied at Escuela Superior de Musica y Danza (Mexico), University of Ottawa (BMUS), and The Boston Conservatory (MM). Teachers included Nancy Zeltsman, Sam Solomon, John Grimes, Keith Aleo, Ian Bernard, Bob Becker and Noel Savon. Reynaliz has received awards such as the National Arts Center of Canada’s My First NAC Award (2014), MTV Latin America’s Agent of Change Award (2009), National Youth Award (Mexico, 2004), The State Youth Award (Mexico, 2009), The National Arts Center of Canada´s Bursary Competition 2005 (1st place), and the Festival PERCUBA International Percussion Competition in Cuba (1st place, 2002).






Instagram: @ideasnottheories


Twitter: @ideasnotheories


Album title: BIKEncerto: a concerto for solo bicycle and orchestra (by Reynaliz Herrera)

Music Composed by Reynaliz Herrera

Performed by Reynaliz Herrera & Ideas, Not Theories (full roster below)


Produced by Reynaliz Herrera

Recording on August 2022 at Futura Productions Inc, Roslindale, MA

Recording Engineer and Mixing Engineer: Daniel Fox/Wondersmith Audio

Mastering Engineer: Christopher Moretti at Immersive Music Project LLC


Ideas, Not Theories Orchestra


Founder/Owner/Artistic Director: Reynaliz Herrera

Amelia Hollander Ames, guest conductor

Brian Stuligross, concertmaster

Jill Good, Nathaniel Kim, violin I

Thomas E. Nikiper, Marnen Laibow-Koser, Hannah Rebeca Lopez-Vega Hughes, violin II

Yuek Sze Chau, Henry MacDonnell, viola

Natalia McDermott, Jose Quezada Marquez, cello

Darren Sacks, double bass

Daniel Meza, flute

Andrew Van Der Paardt, oboe

Celine Natalie Ferro, clarinet

Laura Angelita Reyes, bassoon

Emma Chisholm, French horn


© 2021 Reynaliz Herrera | ℗ 2023 Reynaliz Herrera

For media inquiries and interview requests, please contact:

Reynaliz Herrera,


David Stevens, (857) 245-5213,

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