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("IDEAS, NOT THEORIES- Full staged show") 
45 min- 1 hour

"IDEAS, NOT THEORIES- Full Staged Show" is a theatrical percussion show created by Reynaliz Herrera. The performance features original music (written by Reynaliz) which explores the use of unconventional instruments such as: bicycles, tap and body percussion, water, brushes, as well as traditional percussion instruments such as marimbas and drums. All of the musical works are linked together through a story line, physical comedy and original characters, making the complete performance a unique, quirky and creative artistic experience."

"IDEAS, NOT THEORIES- Bicycle Beats"
(A solo percussion piece for bicycle)
10-12 min

BICYCLE BEATS, is a 10-12 min performance of a solo percussion piece written for bicycle. Composed and performed by Reynaliz Herrera, the mini performance features different sections of music, each of them inspired by world rhythms such as Afro-cuban and brazilian, and some composition techinques such as polyrhythms. The piece is a through-composed work. Some theatrical elements are also featured.

"IDEAS, NOT THEORIES- Educational & Interactive Show"
45 min - 1.10 hour

The Educational & Interactive Show, features the "Ideas, Not Theories- Full Staged Show"  adapted for young and family audiences. You will hear the same original music and plot than the full staged show but with activities involving audience participation and  an educational narrative teaching children about the different unconventional instruments featured in the show. 

"IDEAS, NOT THEORIES- Bicycle Rock Band"
20-40 min

Ideas, Not Theories Bicycle Rock Band features  rock music classic tunes arranged for 3 bicycles and an electric guitar, thus taking the rock band to a new level by challenging its instrumentation. Expect to hear classic tunes from the 60's, 80's and 90's as well as original songs, all of them using bicycles as musical instruments.

"IDEAS, NOT THEORIES - Bicycle Orchestra"
15- 25min

"Ideas, Not Theories & its Bicycle Orchestra" by Reynaliz Herrera presents a larger scale adaptation of the original bicycle music featured in Reynaliz's theatrical percussion show "Ideas, Not Theories". The performance features 8 percussionists drumming on 6 bicycles used as musical instruments, the music is linked together through interactive physical theatre, comedy and original characters making the performance a unique, quirky and creative experience. Recently featured at ILLUMINUS 2017 (Boston) and The Internationl Festival of Arts & Ideas 2019 (New Haven, CT). 

BIKEncerto ALBUM_Album Art_Reynaliz Herrera_FINAL.png
STUDIO RECORDING PHOTO 1_ALBUM CAMPAIGN_BIKEncerto a concerto for solo bicycle and orchest
"BIKEncerto: a concerto for solo bicycle and orchestra"
(Composed by Reynaliz Herrera)
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